Google algorithm updates (updated to September


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The first two weeks decreased the Baidu algorithm September update with official confirmation & name. Correspondingly, of course, we should also outline the Google algorithm update. Google has announced more updates to the algorithm, so I do not remember if I won’t summarize it. For English SEO, you can refer to it, especially when the natural search traffic suddenly drops significantly at a particular time. Generally, it is punished by a specific algorithm. Checking the algorithm’s online timeline may help diagnose the problem.

Google has not confirmed it in some form, but the SEO community has observed more updates. Especially in the past two years, after Matt Cutts left Google, Google’s announcement of algorithm updates has tended to be conservative, and there is little official news. Those that have not been confirmed will not be listed.

Like Baidu’s algorithm update, this page will continue to be updated, and new algorithms will be added when they are online.

The actual time spent writing this post was much longer than I expected, and it took more than 10 hours to finish it. Even if they don’t link to this post, students who reprint and plagiarise, please indicate that the source is SEO’s daily post. Don’t pretend to be your original.

Link spam update

Online time: July 26, 2021

Affected websites: all, all languages ​​in the world

Algorithms for cracking down on low-quality and spam links that violate Google’s quality guidelines, such as joint project links without the no-follow tag, guest blog post links, etc., and other more spam must also be cracked down, such as PBN.

Usually, this kind of attack on links ignores these links, and there is no other special punishment. The previously established spam links no longer work for websites that use spam links, and their ranking declines. It seems that the effect is the same as the penalty, but the mechanism is not a penalty.

Google issued a post that briefly talked about the points that should be paid attention to in the link and announced the algorithm update at the end. The update will last about two weeks.

Core algorithm update in July 2021

Affected websites: Initially, Affected websites will launch US and English websites globally and in various languages ​​around the 15th. Affect 7% of query terms.

Google announced this update in advance in October 2020, which was called “passage indexing” when it was first announced. However, on February 12, 2021, Twitter announced that Twitter launched the February update on February 11, and Twitter changed the name to “passage ranking”.

When indexing and ranking, the paragraph ranking algorithm considers the entire page’s content and focuses on a particular paragraph to understand the relevance of a specific section; in this way, the answer to some queries is buried in a specific paragraph on the page. Google can also find it precisely.